New Year Health Update

Happy New Year to you all, I know it probably seems strange me saying this when we are nearly in February but this is my first post this year. I hope you had a good Christmas!! seems ages ago now.

Unfortunately I was quite poorly over Christmas and into the new year with a chest infection, it came out of the blue. My District Nurse called 111 as when she saw me in the morning on Boxing Day I was feeling quite rough with tummy pains, my BP was a bit low, I had a temp and thought I had some gastric bug, I saw a Dr in the afternoon and he did all the checks which were ok at the time and was told viral no antibiotics needed. Within a few days my temp was increasing especially in the evening and was really shivering, my chest sounded terrible and we had to call my G.P out. She prescribed antibiotics which I didn't really want as I have had several courses already for my chest recently. My chest got worse over the week and my G.P came out again and prescribed Steroid tablets and a mucous clearing medication as I find it hard to clear my lungs. She wanted me to carry on with the antibiotics for longer. The infection finally cleared in the end.

I had a follow up appointment at the Royal London with the gastro team recently, everything was good they didn't make any changes to my medication for my bowels and they are keeping my feed the same. I will go back in 4 months.

I had a video fluoroscopy last week for swallowing issues, it was arranged by SALT. I had a long wait from referral to having the scan due to some problem with sending it to the wrong people. The scan itself was painless and very quick.
I was on a stretcher as I went by ambulance, this caused a few problems as they needed me to be upright enough, they managed to raise the back of the stretcher enough to be able to see me on the machine. I had to swallow a small amount of liquid first so they could get a picture of my throat it was fascinating to watch as you could see the liquid in your mouth and then move down the throat. They were happy with this, then I had to have a bit of yoghurt, cake and cracker to see how that went down, nothing went the wrong way which was good, all seemed ok from what they could see. I was told the problem is probably further down but the sensation is occurring in the throat. I suffer with acid reflux which is probably the real problem.

I hope you have stayed well over Christmas and managed to avoid the nasty bugs going around.
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10 Tips how to Pace over Christmas with a Chronic Condition

With Christmas Day just over one week away, have you got everything prepared? If you are panicking about how you are going to make sure everything is ready in time, STOP, take a deep breath and check this post for my 10 Tips on how to Pace over Christmas with a Chronic Condition, to hopefully help ease some of your anxieties.

What is Pacing?

You have probably heard this word mentioned so many times now, you may want to read this post for a detailed explanation on Pacing. Basically, it is about making sure you don't do too much on a "good day" when you have energy and then nothing on a "bad day", you need to make sure that you take short breaks in between activities in order to recover and avoid "Boom & Bust". When you have a chronic condition you want to try and get everything done when you are feeling well, as you never know when you will have another good day, only to find that you make yourself worse and then need days to recover. Does this sound familiar? I think we all fall into this trap at some point.

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year but can be stressful as society puts a lot of pressures on us especially as there is so much to do, with presents to buy and wrap, cards to write, decorations to put up, arrangements to make. How can you do all this with a Chronic Condition? Check out my 10 Tips on how to Pace with a Chronic Condition.    

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